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By Bob Ligthart

Uncaged let his fans know he hadn’t been making any progression for a while when creating tracks. Now, the problem is solved and he openly talks about how: behind the scenes, Uncaged has been getting help with producing from The Machine.

Uncaged, among others known for his remix of the track ‘M.F. Psycho’ of Sub Sonik, started his career at the record label WE R and is now part of Rough Recruits. He already played at festivals like REBiRTH and Supersized Kingsday, but not everything was that simple for the DJ.

“Last year, I got stuck in my own progression regarding audio and music production”, so Uncaged tells on Facebook. He spoke to his friend The Machine about this problem and made a choice: “We ended up deciding he would help me to improve my (from then on ‘our’) music. I thought it’d be fair to update you on this and obviously give him the same amount of credits as I receive from you guys, our fans.” So Uncaged is very honest about the fact not only he, but also The Machine has a big share in the act.

He ends his message by explaining the Uncaged sound or act will not change: ” I’ll keep performing solo at my gigs, but we’ll be producing music together behind the scenes.”

The Machine helps Uncaged with producing tracks

Uncaged has given his fans clarity about the problems he was struggling with and how he solved them. For his entire explanation, go to the Facebook page of the artist.

Photo by Facebook page Uncaged and The Machine

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