Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused for many work in The Netherlands to disappear. Also Unity Event Crew can’t do what they’re known best for: their festival build-up. This is why the organisation now is offering their work in other sectors: “Can you use our Unity boys?”

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Of course festivals aren’t the only ones finding themselves in the danger zone; they only represent the tip of the iceberg. Also suppliers, artists and festival construction companies are experiencing difficult times right now. Normally, Unity Event Crew would be building up and breaking down the very biggest events in the scene; among others Defqon.1 Festival, Decibel outdoor and Intents Festival can be found in the organisation’s portfolio.

“Ever since the coronacrisis hit and the event industry was shut down, we have been actively searching for sectors we could roll up our sleeves and get busy in”, so Unity Event Crew explains. “Working hard, that’s what we’re used to. It’s not in the DNA of our company and our employees to sit back and wait, and our partners in the event industry would vouch for that as well. Now, we want to show this motivation in other sectors as well, so go right ahead and challenge us!”

So unfortunately they can’t start working on the festival season just yet, which makes them available for loads of other sectors. Luckily our Unity boys are men of many trades, and right now they’ve started working on different projects for diverse clients. For example, these handy men can work in construction, logistics and the agriculture, but they’re multi employable!”

“Our Unity boys are men of many trades!”

If you, your company or someone else around you could very well use the Unity boys as extra help, you can let them know via or in the comments down below the Unity Event Crew Facebook-post.

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