Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

The young Italian raw hardstyle DJ Unresolved has gained a lot of popularity in the last years. He has been performing at about every major party of the year and does that in front of a full packed stage. He has a lot of fans who like it just a little bit rough. The passions of Unresolved go beyond hardstyle alone. He is also a big fan of uptempo hardcore and through social media he let us know he is going to explore this musical genre with more action in the studio.

“Beside hardstyle/rawstyle i’m a big fan of uptempo hardcore music. There is something in this genre which fascinates me and sometimes I can express, with this kind of music, my feelings, so i decided to start another chapter in my personal life. With creating this new alias I can express myself musically at 360°, no rules, can be 180bpm ,can be 200 and can be 240, I really appreciate a lot the support i had with Hardstyle in such short period of time and i hope you will keep me supporting aswell in this “new” adventure.”

The new alias that Unresolved will be using for this project is called UKR Resistance. To find out the reason behind this name we must go back to the roots of Unresolved. Although he has an Italian nationality, Unresolved grew up in Ukraine, were he lived for 13 years before he moved to Italy.

No cause for alarm Unresolved fans, he won’t stop producing hardstyle. Through his Instagram account he let us know that he will be spending time in the studio every single day to make sure he can keep producing hardstyle.

Photo: Unresolved


  • Luis 16 February 2017 - 00:40

    If he mantains this idea of keep on doing hardstyle, it’s a great new for this music lovers.


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