Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

The absolute king of Spoontech has just revealed the tracklist of his upcoming album. The figurehead of Spoontech Records said last year’s October his album would be postponed for a little bit. A Creative block was the culprit. After several labelnights, a Spoontech hosting at Fatality Festival and the announement of his upcoming fathership, the Australian revealed the long-awaited tracklist. June last year was the first announcement of Vazard’s album.

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Not only tracks by just the man himself can be found on his album. A respectable 6 collaborations will appear on Chapters of the Mind.  Apart from the usual Spoontech artists, you can also find a collaboration with Rooler. Surprisingly enough, track no. 14 is a collaboration with Main Concern! Does this mean we can expect a return of the Swedes?

Vazard Reveals Chapters of the Mind album Tracklist

In the latest SpoonCast episode you can find a few of the new album-tracks already, so treat yourself and give it a listen.

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