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By Wouter de Vink

Tonight, Vertile comes with a brand new concept for these festival-free months. A video liveset in which the hardstyle producer himself animated the stage, edited images, added special effects and of course provided the music. So a lot of work for Vertile’s Dimension: “It has to be as close as possible to a real experience.”

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Most hardstyle fans will not have missed the fact that Vertile is a versatile talent. In the summer of 2019 his tracks such as ‘Raging In The Dancehall (Remix)’ and ‘Not My Affection’ were played on the mainstages by D-Sturb, Adaro, Warface and many others. But he also appears to make his own artwork, writes (and sings) his own lyrics and plays various instruments.

‘Not just an ordinary liveset, but a real festival experience’

It resulted in a lot of bookings for Vertile: he would be playing at Defqon.1, Decibel outdoor and QAPITAL, among others. But the well-known coronavirus threw a spanner in the works and so he rolled up his sleeves. “To be honest, I am very fascinated by the show element of festival productions: we all are a little bit”, Vertile begins to say. According to him, Vertile’s Dimension should give the viewer the old festival feeling again.

vertiles dimension 2

“Well, I have never really been a fan of the ordinary livesets at home, I am perhaps a bit too stubborn for that. If I really were going to do something like that, it had to be as close as possible to a real experience. Well, of course, the real deal is not possible at the moment, so I started to think how it could be done differently.” And so Vertile dived day in and day out in the technology behind video design.

“I was already a little known in the world of 3D / CGI and video, so I started rowing with that knowledge, and eventually came up with the concept ‘Vertile’s Dimension’. I think the whole project of preparation and elaboration took me about a year. I hope to give the viewers that ‘kick’ feeling again when everything explodes at the same time as the kick comes in! Then my goal is complete.”

New music during Vertile’s Dimension

The stream on YouTube and Facebook starts at 19:00 CET tonight. “There are a few new tracks in it and some records that I like from colleagues! The set can then be viewed on my channel afterwards. Whether there will be more of this kind of virtual liveset productions after this, I do not dare to say with full certainty. As long as there are no parties, this is a good way for me to convey a bit of the feeling.”

Even though the music world has been hit hard by the uncertainty of the corona virus, Vertile has set clear goals for himself. “My goal for this year is to release a lot of new music anyway. 2020 has been a bit of a bad year in terms of releases, I want to rectify that this year. I’m working on some really cool collabs, a lot of solo projects and remixes.” Including a remix for Rebelion… When it is allowed to have events again, Vertile is ready. “Of course, when the parties are back in some way therefore, I hope that I can play my music there again!”

Vertile’s Dimension can be checked on the Vertile YouTube channel from Friday the 19th of February at 19:00 CET.

Footage taken from Instagram page Vertile

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