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Oh, how do we miss the festivals this summer. We miss raving with each other in the meadows of Europe. We miss enjoying the big stages and rough live sets from our favorite acts, being together with like minded souls, celebrating life… That’s why it’s not weird that during these times the idea might pop up to organize your own festival.

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Recently we stumbled upon a very useful blog jam packed with tips and tricks on how to organize a music festival. They even made a full on music festival checklist elaborating on all things needed to organize your own music festival, and all you need to do is subscribe to their newsletter and you can start planning immediately. We made a neat little summary of the article here!

Plan of action

Start with a plan of action. This is where you note down all agreements and where you decide what the division of tasks will be.

Budget and costs

The budget is determined up front and you also have to determine your budget cap. The costs can be determined by requesting quotations and estimating your maximum spends.

Festival marketing

Festival marketing is an essential part of organizing your festival and that’s why you have to start early. If you think it’s too much work you can outsource the marketing to focus on organizing the festival.


Your festival production consists out of several parts and relies heavily on which suppliers you work with. In the extensive “How to organize your own music festival”-blog you will find a complete list of suppliers and other things to keep in mind for your production.

Permits and insurances

Each festival needs a permit. You can request these at the municipality and provinces. Insurances are not mandatory but very much needed to protect yourself and your visitors.

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Organizing your own Hardstyle music festival takes quite some persistence, time and preparation. In these articles in which we spoke with festival organizers you can read more about this topic:

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