Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Just before we dive into the new year, War Force decided to present a brand-new album. The live-act, consisting of raw heavyweights Warface and E-Force, revealed the big news on their social media.

Back in 2016 the two artists decided to join forces into a new act. Now, almost 1,5 years later, War Force is going to present their first album. It’s not yet known how many tracks will be on it or what the title will be, but we can already tell you that it will be released at Shockerz 2017 – Conflict Override, where they will also play a smashing album showcase.

Free album?
But that’s now all, because the act also revealed that all visitors of Shockerz 2017 will receive the hardcopy album for free after the event. Shockerz recently made the switch from the Maaspoorthal to Autotron, increasing their capacity greatly. However, last year the event sold-out 1,5 months before the event, so if you want to receive the free album, we suggest you don’t too long with buying your tickets.

Tickets for Shockerz 2017 are available through the official website officiële website.

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