Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Raw hardstyle and hardcore lovers beware: the very first collaboration between Warface and Angerfist is coming our way. The masked men, who have both been around the scene for years, announced this yesterday via their Instagram with the caption: MASKED MASSACRE #collab“.

This collab debut is not really unexpected: both producers are no strangers to working with other harder styles.Warface created collabs with hardcore DJ’s Deadly Guns, Destructive Tendencies and N-Vitral which led to the well-known  ‘Fuck the Drum Machine‘, ‘From the South’ and ‘Release the Kraken’. In his turn, Angerfist released multiple tracks with Radical Redemption, such as ‘Messenger of God’ and ‘When You’re Gone’.

Masked Man meets Heavy Artillery

It’s still unknown when the collab will be released. Maybe you’ll get to hear the track at the solo-event from Warface presents: Live for This on the 1st of December. For now, you can keep an eye on the Instagram accounts from Warface and Angerfist to stay updated.

Footage via Facebook-page Angerfist and Warface

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