Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

At the end of the first trailer for the Live For This-event, fans could see Warface facing an other person, hiding under a hood. One week of speculating later, the secret about the second Live For This-event finally has been revealed: D-Sturb is the hidden DJ and will be the second host aside Warface.

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“Last year, my dream became reality. The rush was so big. I felt it had be shared with someone.”, Warface announces in his newest trailer on his socials. The already known video clip of Warface and the unrecognizable second person appears again, but then the the face got exposed: D-Sturb is the one Warface teams up with. Youri ends the video with the words: “You see, we’re not alone in this thing. We’re all in it together. WE ALL Live for this”, followed by footage of their joined moments.

Since D-Sturb remixed Warface’s ‘Menace’, the hardstyle acts worked together several times. ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘Pull The Killswitch’, ‘Drown’ and ‘Focus’ are all results of their collaboration and every release was a great success in the hardstyle scene. During some b2b sets at festivals, they gave already a taste of how their music styles fit together.

Warface & D-Sturb present Live For This

The second Live For This-event takes place at the AFAS LIVE in Amsterdam on 21st of December from 22:00 until 07:00. The ticket sales start on October 3rd at 19:00 via the official Art of Dance website. Last year’s edition was sold out, so make sure you get your tickets for the Warface & D-Sturb double hosting in time.

Footage taken from Facebook page Warface

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