Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Warface posted a photo on Facebook of him together with Remco, Malice & Rooler in the studio. With five men they’re working on the new collab which will result in shock waves. The hashtag WatchYourBack has been used several times which might refer to the title of the track. This unique collaboration is promising because of the combination of rough kicks of Malice & Rooler and the raw sounds of Warface.

Moreover, this is not the first time that Warface collaborates with members of the Gearbox family. Earlier, he released the track ‘Pushing Boundaries’ with Rebelion on the album Uprising and they were in the studio again with E-Force for a new collab which they will present on Hard Bass as Team Red recently.

If you think about Malice & Rooler, you think about ‘Aggressive Acts’ & Gearbox Digital. The well-known track of the trio also received massive support of Warface during his performances. That’s why it’s no secret that he likes the tracks of Malice & Rooler. The Italians currently live in the Netherlands to pursue their dreams.

Recently, Warface released his Live For This album and he came with the first vlog of the same name. The album consists of all his releases of the year 2016 and four completely new tracks. Next to that, he has his own Birthday Bash in Club Mondial this Friday. The event is dedicated to the release of his album, the launch of the new website and his own birthday.

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