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By Leonie Schott

Two hardstyle acts, which couldn’t be much more different in their styles, are working together on a collab – once again. Wasted Penguinz and Chris One published a funny picture on their socials, announcing that another collab is on the way.

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A crazy picture of three hardstyle artists can be found on the Internet and if this didn’t already catch the attention, then latest the fact what the posts are about: Wasted Penguinz and Chris One are together in the studio. Besides dressing up and joking around, the men share the news about a new production they’re working on. “This collab is gonna be interesting”, Wasted Penguinz described the photo. Chris One shared: “Our collab is more fun than yours.” 

In 2013, this unusual combination already teamed up and the result was ‘I Miss You.’ A very euphoric track, which sounds typically for Wasted Penguinz, but far away from what Chris One is known for. In 2013, they also brought out another collab called ‘WAT.’ The Swedish Dirty Workz duo is well-known for its melancholic sound and catching melodies. Tracks like ‘Make It One Day’, ‘Melancholia’ and ‘Scandinavia’ (with Adrenalize) are tracks every hardstyle lover knows and can be sing a longed by the audience wherever it’s being played.

Chris One gained popularity in 2010 with his track ‘Psycho’ and after he had a huge success by closing down Hard Bass in 2012, he took a break to finish his studies. In 2017, the raw hardstyle producer came back with his own label Deathmatch Music and since then he can be found again at stages like Defqon.1, Intents Festival and Loudness. Chris One stands for dark and heavy sounds with a special drive rarely seen in the hardstyle scene. Recently he produced collabs together with Riot Shift and The Purge, now he’s working again after six years with euphoric artists Wasted Penguinz.

Wasted Penguinz and Chris One: “Our collab is more fun than yours”

Wasted Penguinz revealed some time ago that they’re starting to get a little bit more into raw hardstyle, so fans can be excited of how the two hardstyle acts blend their styles together this time. To stay up to date about this upcoming release, keep an eye on Wasted Penguinz’ and Chris One’s Instagram account.

Footage taken from Facebook page Wasted Penguinz and Chris One

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