Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

For the upcoming edition of We Are Hardstyle the organisation has gone all out: “Our biggest edition ever!” We have 10 reasons listed for you to make clear why you definitely don’t want to miss the new edition of We Are Hardstyle in 2020.

1. The very first big raw event in 2020

The previous editions of We Are Hardstyle were hold on the second Christmas day, now the event has moved to the 4th January 2020. This makes We Are Hardstyle the very first big raw event of the new year, which you definitely don’t want to miss.

2. The best of raw hardstyle

For this new edition of We Are Hardstyle the organisation brings again the biggest raw artists to the line-up. Among others Radical Redemption, Delete, Rebelion, Act of Rage and Rooler will be present in the illegal fightclub with different live-acts and the deadliest battles. Have a look at the complete line-up right down below.

This is the We Are Hardstyle 2020 line-up:

Radical Redemption LIVE | Warface Heavy Artillery LIVE | Sefa | Ran-D | Partyraiser | Act of Rage LIVE | Adaro | E-Force LIVE | Rebelion | Rooler LIVE | Digital Punk | KELTEK | Malice | Delete VIP | Crypsis | Killshot | Aggressive Act LIVE | Regain | Sub Sonik LIVE | Bloodlust | Neroz | Art of Unity | Hosted by MC Tha Watcher

3. Back to the city of Gorinchem!

We Are Hardstyle traditionally takes place in Oss: in the Sportcentrum Rusheuvel for the indoor edition. After We Are Hardstyle decided to celebrate the 5th anniversary in Gorinchem in 2017, the Evenementenhal will be again the stage in 2020 for the “biggest battle edition ever!” 

4. “A selection of the meanest boxers will battle for glory”

We Are Hardstyle differs with its concept from many other hardstyle events, since visitors experience some deadly battles throughout the night. Also this year, only strong combinations will be behind seen behind the DJ deck: Rebelion vs Malice, Regain vs Neroz and Sefa vs Partyraiser, just to name a few.

5. Going nuts during the day, not in the night

Besides moving into a bigger location, the organisation of We Are Hardstyle changed something other as well. The “biggest edition ever” will take place from 14:00 until 02:00, so contrary to previous editions it’ll be a day event. You don’t have to wait all day anymore to finally go to the party, because the playing hardstyle artists are already ready for you at midday.

6. Not less than 8 big live-acts

The line-up promises, besides different battles, not less than 8 different live acts. Radical Redemption Live, Warface ‘Heavy Artillery’ Live, Act of Rage Live, E-Force Live, Delete VIP, Aggressive Act Live, Rooler Live and Sub Sonik Live assure that this editions will be harder than ever.

7. Not during busy Christmas days anymore

After the earlier editions always took place on the second Christmas day, the upcoming We Are Hardstyle event will be on another date, in fact on 4th January 2020. Therefor, you have all festive days to enjoy your time with your family and big feasts, before you kick off the new year with the “biggest edition ever of We Are Hardstyle.”

8. Hardcore closing by Sefa & Partyraiser

After a whole day partying with the best raw hardstyle artists, the closing DJs will raise the BPM to a higher level. A hardcore battle between none less than Partyraiser and Sefa will make everyone go completely crazy once more.

9. Need a ride?

We Are Hardstyle cooperates with different travel companies to ensure you a safe and pleasant way to the event. Check HardTours for South- & West-Germany, Feierreisen for North- & East-Germany, Festimove for France and Party-vervoer for within the Netherlands. Furthermore, the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem is directly located next to the A15, so coming by car is also an easy option.

10. The ticket sale is once again going fast

In 2018, We Are Hardstyle was completely sold out and also this year, the ticket sale for “the ultimate fight” is going fast once again. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make sure you don’t miss We Are Hardstyle’s “biggest edition ever.” 

We Are Hardstyle takes place in the Evenementenhal Gorinchem on 4th January 2020. Do you now want to be there, too? Go to www.wearehardstyle.nl for tickets and more information about the event.

Footage taken from Facebook page We Are Hardstyle

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