Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

One of the best things about a weekend festival has to be the campsite that goes with it. Here, all kinds of music lovers come together to go wild for the entire weekend. Since the festival season is right around the corner, we listed the 7 different types of campers. There’s no doubt about it you’ll find these types in between the tents of the brand new REBiRTH Residence Camping.

1. The party hardy camper

This festival visitor has anything but sleep on his mind. When he enters the festival ground, he will quickly put together a tent, after which he rushes to the festival to party as hard and as long as he can for the entire weekend. Only for a little power-nap you’ll find this party hardy camper back in his tent. Access to the REBiRTH Residence is therefore all you need to keep this type of camper completely satisfied.

2. The camper who always forgets his stuff

There’s always that one person who keeps forgetting all of his stuff. Whether it’s his card, keys or fan: this camper seems to believe forgetting your stuff is a top sport. To prevent further damage, it’s best to arrange a FestiTent for this camper, so the tent including mattress and lamps will await him at the campsite.

3. The extremely enviromentally conscious camper

This specific camper will slap you across the face if you dare to throw your plastic cup or gum on the ground. For this enviromentally conscious camper, the REBiRTH Residence has the Kartent ready. This tent does not only have a well thought out name, but the beautiful brown appearance is also completely recyclable, 100% waterproof for at least 4 days, very cool and super dark on the inside. In this way, you’ll get a full weekend of partying and you can even collect some karma points!

4. The camper who cares too much about his sleep

This camper knows how important it is to save up your energy, so you are able to make it through partying the entire weekend. He therefore insists you all make sure you get a good night of sleep, because how badly would it suck to miss out on a festival day because you have too bad of a hangover? You’ll get the best night of sleep in the Festipi: a high tent with extra thick mattresses, thick sleeping bags and extremely soft pillows. This nomadic experience will make sure you’ll have loads of energy to go wild at REBiRTH!

5. The slightly too spoiled camper

The spoiled camper needs just a little more than the average festival visitor. Sleeping in a tent, on an airbed, without electricity? That’s a big fat no-no for him. Luckily, Flexotels are available for these types of campers: little houses, which are accommodated with boxsprings, towels, electricity, lamps, extra blankets, heaters and even an own mini terrace. It’s actually not really camping anymore.

6. The camper who knows literally everyone

This friendly camper seems to know every single person at the festival. It therefore takes forever to move from one stage to another with him, since he always seems to spot a wild friend here and there. This camper will be as happy as he can be at the REBiRTH Residence Friends Camp, where you can get your own spot at the campsite with up to 26 of your friends. Even your own dixi is included!

7. The camper who doesn’t really want to be a camper

Of course you can also absolutely hate camping, and be extremely unhappy whilst sleeping in a tent. Luckily for these festival visitors there is such as beautiful thing as Hotel Packages, where you’ll experience the best of both worlds: you can go wild at the busy festival grounds, after which you’ll make your way to a quiet night of sleep in a hotel nearby.

REBiRTH Festival 2019 – Guardian of Eternity will take place the 12th, 13th and 14th of April in Haaren. Do you also want to be a part of the kick-off of the festival season, and enjoy the first ever REBiRTH Residence Camping? Tickets and all types of camping accomodations are still available via the official website.


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    8. The camper who can’t people blasting Frenchcore all night.


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