Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Bombshell is the event where raw hardstyle and uptempo comes together. In two different areas, you can enjoy the best that raw and uptempo currently have to offer for nine hours. After the first edition at the beginning of this year, Veranda Events is stepping up the game for Bombshell: The Lost Temple on Friday, November 3, 2023. There is a rock-solid line-up on the program, including B2B sets that you don’t want to miss.

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Have you also noticed that there are many B2B sets on line-ups these days? B2b stands for ‘back-to-back’. This expression comes from the period when playing vinyl was the norm. While one DJ was busy mixing a record, the other DJ turned his back to the audience to select records from his collection. The DJs were literally ‘back-to-back’ at that moment.

Nowadays DJs have traded their vinyl for USB sticks, but B2B sets are more popular than ever. By combining two (or more) DJs for a set, you make that set a little more exciting. You don’t know exactly what to expect, and that is well appreciated by the audience. The success of a B2B set often depends on the chemistry between the artists. If DJs can work well together and understand each other’s music, the set can be exceptionally good.

Special b2b sets on Bombshell: The Lost Temple

Bombshell features a number of B2Bs that you’ve never seen before. One of those sets is Rebelion vs. Mutilator, who have never performed on stage together before. That’s actually surprising, because the raw, energetic kicks of Mutilator and the powerful beats of Rebelion fit together perfectly.

Another striking B2B is that of E-Force vs. Unresolved. This summer the two released the song ‘The Fallout’, but they have never performed a full set on stage together before. It is special for Unresolved to be able to work with E-Force, he previously announced on Instagram when their collab was released. “I have been a big fan of this legend for over 10 years and it is mind-blowing to now collaborate on his new album.”

“This is the place where raw & uptempo come together”

In addition to Rebelion vs. Mutilator and E-Force vs. Unresolved you will find many big names on Bombshell’s line-up. Think of Cryex, Deadly Guns and Major Conspiracy, but also Rosbeek and Screecher b2b DMRC on the second stage.

Bombshell: The Lost Temple takes place on Friday, November 3, 2023 from 21:00 to 06:00. Fun fact: the Now & Wow location is located in the Maassilo, at a height of 40 meters. You can only reach this location if you take the elevator. Tickets are now available via the official website for just €42.50.

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