Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, X-Pander announced he will come out with a brand new album: The Tales Of X-Pander. This new album is also the debut album of the Frenchman, better knwon as raw hardstyle DJ X-Pander.

The Tales Of X-Pander is special for another reason: it is a joint release by Darkside Unleashed and InfeXious Hardstyle. “It’s with great pride that I’m announcing my debut album The Tales Of X-Pander as a joint release between Darkside Unleashed and InfeXious Hardstyle. Through 15 very diverse tracks, I have explored a wide spectrum of the Harder Styles. Huge thanks to Darkside Unleashed and Infexious Hardstyle as well as all the involved artists you will soon discover for making it possible. Every track tells a story…, so Valentin explained in his post.

X-Pander comes out with very first album

So, in his post Valentin told the album The Tales Of X-Pander will consist of 15 tracks. The complete tracklist will be announced on the 20th of November, which will also mark the start of the pre-sale. If you are interested in the limited edition be quick: there only are 100 copies available.

Footage via Facebook-page X-Pander

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