X-Qlusive Holland has great news for all friends of the good life. Organization Q-dance has just revealed the full line-up of the most fun party of the year! The enormous GelreDome can brace itself for an very colorful group full of fun on September 30th.

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The coziest party of the year is the ultimate stew of Holland and hardstyle, accompanied by a red, white and blue line-up. With none other than Dr. Peacock, Rejecta & Cryex and the trusted Klassiekers voor je Speaker: provided by Bass Modulators, Frequencerz and Psyko Punkz it will once again be a blast to remember!

Like every year, you can also enjoy surprising guest appearances with an orange tint. This edition includes Dikke Baap, Henny Huisman, Marco Schuitmaker and of course the anthem makers: Wolter Kroes & De Nachtbrakers!

With more than 25,000 orange-minded visitors, Q-dance promises to make it a true spectacle again – including a lot of surprises. It will also be the very last performance of the face of X-Qlusive Holland: DJ Oma! After this edition, the famous DJ Oma hangs up her headphones, so she can be seen for the last time in September in the GelreDome.

X-Qlusive Holland 2023 line-up

Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop
Charly Lownoise & The Viper
De Nachtbrakers
Deepack & The Darkraver
Dikke Baap
DJ Oma
DJ Timmie
Dr. Peacock & Da Mouth of Madness
Dr. Rude
Henny Huisman
Jeffrey Parmentier
Johan Kettenburg
Klassieker uit je Speaker: Bass Modulators, Frequencerz, Psyko Punkz
Marco Schuitmaker
Max Enforcer
Mental Theo & D-Fence
Rejecta & Cryex
Wolter Kroes
And many others…

“X-Qlusive Holland is back!”

X-Qlusive Holland 2023 will be held during the day on Saturday the 30th of September from 12:00 to 23:00 in the GelreDome in Arnhem. For tickets (including the coveted Friends Tables) go to the official Q-dance website.

Footage taken from Facebook page Q-dance


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