Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

After many hits, XCEPTION is now taking things further as a Hardstyle act. The singer songwriter duo will release their songs at Dirty Workz in a completely unique theme. “Meet us in space!”

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Ruby Prophet and Bram Boender together form XCEPTION, a name you’ve probably heard before. They are responsible for the vocals on tracks like ‘Animal In Me’ and ‘Dance With The Devil’, and work with the biggest artists such as Da Tweekaz, Sound Rush, Ran-D, B-Front and D-Sturb. The duo is now taking this up a notch by also doing the production side.

XCEPTION is going to work with self-written records, including the debut release ‘Constellation Sky’ which will be released on June 15th on Dirty Workz. This makes them the first singer-songwriter duo to become part of the award-winning main label. “We can’t wait to start this new chapter with you!”, the new act proudly announces.

XCEPTION’s performances and music are completely transformed into a space theme: this is even carried through in costumes that we have not seen before. “A billion lightyears away, deep in a corner of the universe … Lived a yet unknown, technologically advanced humanoid species.”

“XCEPTION is ready to unleash their first original song to the world”

You can see XCEPTION perform with their spatial theme on various large stages this summer, such as the UV of Defqon.1 (Friday 23 June), The Qontinent (Friday 11 August) and Decibel outdoor (Sunday 20 August). For more information, visit their official Instagram page and follow them.


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