Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The talented Xense has been working hard lately on a brand-new sound: a feast for the eyes and ears. His upcoming DOOM EP is something you don’t see often in the Hardstyle scene, but the young Frenchman is more than ready to take it to the next level: “A big personal accomplishment.”

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“I need more than just ‘releasing tracks’: I want to create a memorable story,” is what Xense said when he started his latest project. DOOM is a world he created for people to escape, told in 5 chapters. It’s actually not an EP or album, but something different. “I believe “era” fits more to DOOM because of the way it’s being released. With an EP you would expect one or two singles and then the whole EP would get released. That’s not the choice I made.”

“DOOM is an opportunity for me to create a unique universe around Xense”

Instead of going from release to release, Xense is spreading his momentum over the entire year. “I’d rather give each chapter the attention it deserves by releasing them individually and build a good storytelling throughout 2023.” Taking the listener into a massive storyline with a total of 5 tracks in his new sound.  “We all have some negative feelings inside us. DOOM is there to help you to get rid of them.”

Xense wanted to bring more to the table and even lived in Vienna (Austria) for a while to develop his music skills. “Doing a project like “DOOM” was the greatest opportunity to show what I’m really capable of as an artist. Updating Xense sound-wise but also visual-wise is already a big personal accomplishment. More generally, my ambition is to present something fresh within the Hardstyle scene while bringing influences I love, but uncommon in our genre. I hope that it will resonate with people.”

‘A step up for Xense, in every way possible’

The I AM HARDSTYLE Amplify-member believes that the time has come to make his mark, since he has played for bigger crowds such as REBiRTH Festival and has more experience now. “I learned to not overthink about the path the scene is currently following, but instead to use some key elements of it. Blended with musicality and sounds I particularly enjoy, I think I managed to create a unique and recognizable signature and I’m really proud of that. I also learned to allow myself to fail and start over, instead of being stuck with projects I wasn’t really satisfied with. Oh, and I also learned that doing an EP is way longer than I expected haha.”

The first chapter ‘DOOM’ is now released and the responses so far are overwhelming. Besides that, Xense will also be playing at Electrobeach Music Festival this year – one of the biggest events in France which is a huge achievement for anyone who’s from that area. Besides an upcoming collaboration with Atmozfears, there’s much more to come. “DOOM is my biggest creation so far and I’d like to invite you into that world and hear what you have to say about it. See you inside…”

Xense welcomes you to the DOOM: one year, one world and 5 chapters. Listen to the first track ‘DOOM’ on the channels of I AM HARDSTYLE Amplify“Will you dare to step in?”

Footage taken from Facebook page Xense / KVDM Photography

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