Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

DJ Snake, best known for big hits like ‘Turn Down For What’‘Lean On’, and ‘Get Low’ has been having one success after another lately. William Grigahcine, as the Frenchman is actually called, will release his debut album Encore on August 5. This album contains multiple collaborations, including one with Yellow Claw.

While this doesn’t strike one as typical Hard News at first, when we listen to the track closely we suddenly hear something that sounds pretty familiar to us. The track ‘Ocho Cinco’ is one of the first singles of the album that has been set free into the world through channels like Spotify and let this be just the track that contains influences from our beloved genre.

The first drop at 1:12 contains a solid Hardstyle kick. It’s not the first time that artists from other genres experiment with Hardstyle, but it stays remarkable to see every time it happens. Hat it or love it, but tracks like these will help Hardstyle one step further into the world. Check out the preview below.

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