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By Wouter de Vink

Hardstyle legend Zany reaches a special milestone this year. One of the founders of the scene has been around for a quarter of a century and he will celebrate this in a big way with a new concept called Zany presents TWNTYFV. “There could be more fun in today’s hardstyle.”

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DJ Zany had been behind the turntables for several years when ‘Hardstyle’ was officially registered over two decades ago. Since then, he founded Fusion Records, became part of the Donkey Rollers and Southstylers, and his record ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with DV8 entered the national charts. “That I’ve already made it to 25 years”, Zany never thought possible.

“I will be involved with music all my life and I am really grateful for that”

Zany, who is still in excellent shape, looks back on the beginning of his musical career with a big smile. “When I started with hardstyle, I had no idea if it would be a temporary genre – or if it would grow into what it is today. Hardstyle could also have been a hype, coming to an end after a few years. Fortunately, me and my fellow DJs/producers were so motivated and passionate at the time that we kept delivering tracks to push the scene.” Result: many enthusiasts have grown up with his songs and performances.

Zany @ Qlimax 2022

Over the years, Zany has played and produced many styles of music. “From Hardcore in the beginning, to trance, club and finally hardstyle around 2001/2002. Lately I’ve been performing a lot at party events where I still play hardstyle with a very commercial edge like freestyle/partystyle.” But for Zany it’s obvious what the most do to him. “My heart is still really beating for early hardstyle.”

Zany presents TWNTYFV: with the greatest Hardstyle hits from the past

It is these classics that he will use in his new concept. “I got quite some attention with a peak between approximately 2006-2015,” explains Zany. This period of music will therefore also return during the 25 concept. “My music of that time, in combination with the tracks that you could often hear in my sets of that moment. It’s a kind of Zany’s favorites. Music that I always support and support 100%. Which made me feel good – and still does.”

Zany presents TWNTYFV interview 25 poster

Fans can expect sets like Zany did during the past editions of Qlimax and De Tijdmachine. To not only to celebrate his 25-year career, but also Hardstyle in general. “I would like to take the audience (who also loves this) back to those musical moments that gave me goosebumps. Hopefully they will get this again.”

“It doesn’t have to be that fast: 150 is a nice tempo”

Hardstyle is constantly evolving and some things change. But there is one aspect of the past that he would like to see (back) in hardstyle nowadays. “Fun,” says Zany loud and clear. “It doesn’t have to be that fast. 150 is a nice tempo. Recognizability and beautiful catchy melodies. Creative or well-stolen samples: it doesn’t matter. As long as it does its job on the dancefloor!”

Zany presents TWNTYFV will travel abroad this year

In any case, Zany is unstoppable. “I look back with pride on what we have achieved and I hope that all generations after me can also gratefully enjoy this.” As long as he still enjoys it as much as he does now, he will keep performing and producing for Zany. “I also work as a producer for other artists during the week and that is currently paying off. I will be involved in music all my life and I am really grateful for that. On to the 50!”

Zany presents TWNTYFV can be heard for the first time in the Madrilenian mega discotheque Fabrik and then the premiere in the Netherlands during REBiRTH Festival. After this, HARDFEST, Intents and many others will follow: keep an eye on his socials for more information.

Cover photo via Facebook page Zany / MNO Photo

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