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By Nina van Zelst

Zany has just announced he will be coming out with a brand new album: a new album, but with an old sound. DNA will take you back to the 2005-2012 hardstyle with 12 Zany tracks. 

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This means Zany will soon come out with his third album, in which he is going “back to the roots” to the basics of hardstyle. Zany explains he wanted to remind people that this sound wasn’t made for radio playlists or commercial advantage, but just for fans, who want to enjoy the music and dance to it.

“I just felt the urge to go back to my roots again.. I’ve been doing so much different kinda things the last few years… Freestyle, dutch party tracks, other genres outside of hardstyle… So now I decided to start to produce something again which I always loved.. This typical true hardstyle sound. I still have so much wonderful memories from this period. Why not give it a shot and see if we can relive it again, even if it’s just a small part, it will always feel good to have that feeling again.”      

The newest Zany album: “No raw, no euphoric, just plain ol’ hardstyle”

Zany’s brand new album will be released on the 26th of July on Q-dance Records. You can have a look at both the DNA tracklist and the teaser mix of the album down below. On Saturday the 29th of June, Zany will perform a special DNA live-act at the UV stage, containing classic hits combined with his new album material.

Tracklist Zany – DNA:

1. Zany – Wolf
2. Zany & DV8 – Down on the Floor
3. Zany – Endless 2019
4. Zany – Outer Limits
5. Zany – Beat Machine
6. Zany – The Spirit
7. Zany – The Real World
8. Zany – Every Day
9. Zany & B-Front – Humanity
10. Zany – The Creator 
11. Zany & Alee – We Got the Streets
12. Zany & Donkey Rollers – Shadows

Footage via Facebook-page Zany


  • Lars 20 June 2019 - 08:46

    Should have called it Hardstyle DNA (It’s in your blood)


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