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It’s Christmas time again and every year several artists feel like they need to show some appreciation to their fans, which is great. Today it was Zatox‘s turn and he decided to give away not one, but eight of his tracks for free.

Besides his new tracks “Back To The Old School” and “Killing MF”, which he made with Audiofreq, the package also contains a few older tracks and mash ups.

But that’s not all, because the generous Zatox also decided to give away six of his own kicks. An amazing present for upcoming producers who can use it as an inspiration. The full package contains the following tracks:

• Zatox – Back To The Old School (Qlimax Demo Version)
• Zatox – Supermesciappione 2015
• Zatox & Audiofreq – Killing MF
• Zatox & Brennan Heart vs Typhoon – Fight the Resistance No Limit Get Up (Mash up)
• Zatox & TNT vs DV&LM vs Brennan Heart (Mash up)
• Zatox ft. Dave Revan – New World Order Tour Mash up
• Zatox vs HWS Origins – Zombivilization
• ZTX – Let’s Rock It (Experimental track from 2011 at 128 bpm)

Download the package here: Dropbox.com

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