Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Mackenzie Johnson, also known as MAKJ [pronounced as ‘Mac-Jay’], started his mixing career at the age of 15, when he was also a professional racecar driver in China. The teenager moved back to the USA when he was 17 and this gave him a big motivational boost. Nowadays the 25 year old has many hit releases on his name, including a collab with Hardwell and several releases on Revealed Recordings, Spinnin’ Records and Skink.

Last year Zatox created a remix of MAKJ’s track ‘Let’s Get F*cked Up’ which he made with the vocals of rapper Lil Jon. He played the remix during his performance at Ultra Miami and the crowd visibly loved it. Check out the footage below.

After this bootleg both gentlemen decided to get in the studio together. Yesterday MAKJ posted a tweet on his Twitter page with the words “MAKJ x ZATOX HARD-STYLE COLLAB!” This collab is another step in the globalisation of Hardstyle music, since more and more artists have decided to collab with a Hardstyle artist. Let’s hope there will be a preview available soon!

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