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By Mark de Rond

Since this weekend Zatox isn’t in control of his own Instagram anymore. The Italian hardstyle dj seem to be hacked, but getting his account back isn’t that easy as it seems to be…

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At the 13th of January, Zatox let his fans know he was hacked by a message on his Facebook. ‘Attention to all my fans! My Instagram account has been hacked today so at the moment I got no control over it and I’m in no way connected to what could be posted on it. Trying my best to get it back as soon as possible! Hope this is gonna be solved asap’, he wrote. Unfortunately he didn’t succeed to get is account back. The hacker himself posted a picture with his demands to give the account back. Shortly after that message, Zatox posted a picture of him at a police station. Probably he was there to make a statement about him being hacked. He won’t fulfill the demands of the hacker, because he is afraid that it’s a scam.

Hackers are bothering hardstyle DJ’s

It’s not the first time that a hardstyle dj was bothered by hackers. Back in October last year Crypsis was hacked by a Turkish group. Fortunately for him he did get his account back in a few days. We hope that Zatox will get his account back fast.

Update 16-01: Zatox has his Instagram account back

Just minutes ago Zatox himself confirmed that he has his Instagram back. He went live on his Instagram to confirm this good news. In the live stream the Italian hardstyle DJ told that the hacker voluntarily gave the account back to him.

Photo by Facebook page Zatox


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