Thomas Sterks
Door Thomas Sterks

The full line-up for The Qontinent – Rise of The Restless has arrived: harder, better and more diverse than ever! This year, our artists will lead the rebellion from throughout 5 different locations on The Qontinent, each of them representing an essential key structure of the ‘new order’.

First of all: The Archive, a library where the remnants of our former human civilization are stored and locked up. Here, Rebels can experience the very roots of our belief: the characteristic musical values that emerged from the underground. Rebels, prepare to be overwhelmed by the finest harder styles classics. Second, we have The Lab: a sinister testing room where dark and unethical experiments are conducted for the sake of The Qontinent’s future. In here, Rebels take part of these experiments themselves, submitting to hazardous industrial hardcore sounds and highly toxic beats. Third, there is The Armory: the main storage for ballistics, lethal weaponry and other heavy defense materials. Here, seasoned Rebels can challenge the force of a notorious super weapon called ‘hardcore’. Fourth we have The Terminal: the central nerve center by which all surrounding structures are controlled. Rebels who dare to approach are exposed to a dangerous and destructive dose of raw hardstyle. Fifth and finally, there is Ground Control: the logistical heart of The Qontinent. Here, the new order’s greatest commanders compete with each other in a struggle for absolute power, using all entertainment methods and new sounds available on the island. Stand together on the main plaza with thousands of other Rebels and experience the feeling of unity. Together, we are the Rebellion!

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