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Door Hard News

Headhunterz is erg actief op Instagram en trakteert z’n volgers dan ook dagelijks op nieuwe updates. Hoewel hij niet meer zo actief is op het gebied van hardstyle, is hij sinds een tijdje bezig met het geven van waardevolle studio-tips.

‘Workflow Wednesday’ noemt hij deze tips zelf. Aangezien veel van onze lezers zelf ook wel eens aan wat knopjes proberen te draaien in de studio zullen we deze tips iedere week op de website publiceren. Gisteren besloot hij om wat uit te leggen over ‘Efficiënter werken’. Lees en leer!

“I’ll share something that made me work much more efficient. I realized that working fast is crucial for staying in the creative flow. If you take too long to finish a track you lose the ability to listen to it with fresh ears and you risk your track to lose it’s spontaneity. That’s why nowadays I separate the process of making music in 4 parts.

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First of all I start with the idea. What do I want to make? This is a personal thing. I don’t like the empty page. I want to have something to start off with. That’s why I make sure I know where more or less I’m going.

Then I make sure I have my sounds ready. Just like a band that wants to record a song. If it has to start searching for sounds while recording a song it will get frustrating and the magic of the recording session will disappear. They make sure they’re ready to roll before they record even a second of the song! So all my sounds or at least 80% is ready for me to drag into my project without having to tweak them too much any further.

Then I arrange the song. This is where the magic happens and where I don’t want to be held up by having to get into sound designing or too much eq tweaking etc. Often the less you have to think and the more you just let it happen, the better the song. It’s all about capturing the moment. That magic moment of inspiration where it feels like the song writes itself. Don’t worry about imperfections. This is about the idea.

When all that is done, only then I go into details. Now is the time to spend as much time as you like on perfecting the transitions, eq settings etc. You can go as far as you like with this but remember, in the end the best tracks are all about the best ideas. Girls don’t care about the mixdown. I actually do care, but not about the mixdown of a bad song.”