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Headhunterz is erg actief op Instagram en trakteert z’n volgers dan ook dagelijks op nieuwe updates. Hoewel hij niet meer zo actief is op het gebied van hardstyle, is hij sinds een tijdje bezig met het geven van waardevolle studio-tips.

‘Workflow Wednesday’ noemt hij deze tips zelf. Aangezien veel van onze lezers zelf ook wel eens aan wat knopjes proberen te draaien in de studio zullen we deze tips iedere week op de website publiceren. Gisteren besloot hij om wat uit te leggen over ‘Low end’. Lees en leer!

“I wanna start talking about low end a bit. This is quite an elaborate topic so here’s the first part. I’m gonna start off with a statement: Sub is overrated. Sub is just the icing on the cake. And it’s quite easy to add sub. Forget about sub and get the rest of the mix great first. It’s all about harmonics, especially on the lower half of the frequency spectrum.

workflow wednesday low endInstead of focussing on sub, focus on the upper harmonics around the 100, 200, 300 hz range. I usally don’t have a lot of 100hz in my bassline, instead my kick is pushing through more at that range. But 200 and 300 are very powerful points for bass. Find out the root key of the track. For example F is 44hz in the sub. Then 88 will be 1 octave up, 176 another octave and so on. Try boosting and/or cutting the bass in these areas. Another very useful thing to give a bass more presence which is often overlooked is that 7th harmonics can also be used and often work very very well. Instead of eq-ing, go in your synth and add an oscillator playing 7 notes up on top. This might give the bassline more presence in the low mid range. Cut off to about 90 hz on the bassline to make sure you’re not fooling yourself, the energy must be coming from higher up. Sub can be added later.

By the way I mostly use fm8 for sub. It’s very easy to get a good sub in it and good for adding subtle harmonics on top if needed. For my bassline I mostly use either spire, fm8, sylenth and sometimes even a nexus layer lol. By the way, for low end, never forget to use reference. Using reference is key! Just check the peaks in an analyzer of good mixed track and compare them. Your ears can trick you sometimes so keep checking. Hope this helps!”

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