• Naam Rick Veldhuis & Jeffrey Hendriksen
  • Land Nederland
  • Verjaardag 13 januari & 12 juni
  • Label Spoontech Records
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D-Verze is a Dutch based hardstyle duo consisting out of Rick Veldhuis and Jeffrey Hendriksen, who got to know each other when they joined the same soccer squad back in 2010. While getting to know each other, Rick and Jeffrey found out that they had been giving feedback to each other’s work over the internet for quite some time. Both thrilled to have found someone with the same passion for and taste in music as themselves, they soon afterwards started working together on mixes and productions focusing on the rougher side of hardstyle.

The sound of D-Verze is best described as atmospheric, energetic and diverse. Their productions range from more melodic ones like “Disappeared” (with Infirium and Yuna-X) and “The Storyteller” until industrial influenced ones like “The Cycle” and “Enlightening Contrasts” and as DJs they combine quick and smooth mixing with a lot of energy on stage!