• Naam Manji Deckers
  • Land Nederland
  • Verjaardag 24 augustus 1996
  • Boekingen Gigstarter

He started making music when he was 15 years old. Manji Deckers also known as Magnificent has the dream to become one of the biggest in hardstyle scene. He is willing to give everything to achieve his goals and has a big passion for his music. Magnificent already achieved a big goal with his release“Wanna play”onthe Label End of Line Recordingswhich one of the biggest labels in the raw hardstyle scene.The music from Magnificent is all about energy anddrivewith influences from different styles. Rough beats with a feel good atmosphere that make you want to go crazy ishow to describe his music.Magnificent has performed at events such as Legends Festival, Warface live for this B-daybash(twice in a row), Shockwavesand, Deadly guns: the Gunshow. Magnificent is a rising star in the hardstyle scene and you definitely want to keep an eye on him because this is just the beginning…..