The Strangerz

  • Naam Chris Hughes & Hansel Almeida
  • Land AustraliĆ«
  • Verjaardag 20 februari & 8 oktober
  • Label Scantraxx
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Two separate identities were forged together with their love for raw and energetic sounds.

Since their alliance, The Strangerz (Chris Hughes and Hansel Almeida) have become a steady fixture on some of the largest and most prestigious hard dance events across their homeland of Australia; from the outdoor wonderland of Defqon 1 Australia right through to becoming residents on the elite stage of Masif Saturdays, which has entered into the Top 5 Hardstyle clubs in the world.
The Strangerz have supported some of the biggest Hardstyle acts such as Alpha Twins, E-Force, Frequencerz, Adaro, Luna, Hard Driver, Donkey Rollers, Radical Redemption and plan to demolish the stage alongside many more.

In a relatively short time, their original productions and remixes have reached international status with track support in all corners of the globe. They have also featured on countless mix cd’s and had the opportunity to create the official bonus disc for the Australian edition of Defqon 1 2012.
These two mysterious forces have since expanded their sound across the seas in 2013 with the first of their overseas bookings being Defqon.1 and Loudness parties in the Netherlands, and they do not look like stopping!

Concentrating on their productions, they intend to push boundaries. The Strangerz are hell bent on creating their own identity of raw, melodic Hardstyle.
The future is dark and hard and these two are destined to be a force NOT to be reckoned with.