Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Hard Island is returning under the Croatian sun once again: 5 days of partying with your friends to a ton of your favorite hardstyle and hardcore DJs. Even though this beauty really sells itself, underneath you’ll find 10 reasons why you should definitely spend your summer at Hard Island. 

1. Under the Croatian sun

Hard Island takes place in the midst of summer, where you’ll be welcomed to the Zcre Beach in Croatia together with thousands of other harder styles lovers. This means you and your friends will get to party under none other than the beautiful Croation sun, so you’ll get a nice golden tint while going absolutely wild for…

2. Not one, not two, not three, not even four…

But 5 whole days of partying! Hard Island offers multiple days of boat parties, pool parties, club parties and much more. Since this year already marks the 5th anniversary of the sunny event, the organisation will make sure it will also be a 5 days lasting epic celebration: a vacation to remember forever!

3. Enjoy numerous of different stages

Since there are so many parties, Hard Island has made sure you will able to enjoy them at loads of different locations. You and your friends can go wild at a club indoor, you can ‘cool down’ during one of the pool parties or you can enjoy a good old beach party. Have a look at the following reason to find out another sick party location…

4. Visit 10 extremely epic Boat Parties

One of the best things about Hard Island has to be the epic boat parties. For this edition, no less than 10 boats will carry you and your friends along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This of course while enjoying an ice cold drink, the Croation Sun and countless of DJs. Can you even imagine how good this would feel? “Join us on the loudest cruise in the Adriatic!”

5. 100+ international artists are waiting for you

Since Hard Island has to fill 5 days of parties with freestyle, hardstyle and hardcore music, over a 100 international artists have been invited to perform at the event. Among others, none other than D-Block & S-te-Fan, Radical Redemption, Deadly Guns and Dr. Peacock will be present to provide you with the finest of what hard dance has to offer. Take a look at the entire line-up here.

6. 7 days to “chill”

Your hard vacation will not end with only 5 days of partying. At Hard Island 2019, you and your friends can actually enjoy a good 7 day vacation to chill, party, celebrate, catch up, cool down and so on. Once again: can you even imagine how amazing a seven day hardstyle vacation would be?

7. Stay at the Hard Island Village

Of course Hard Island also offers quite the luxurious accommodations to match the epic vacation. If you stay at the brand new Hard Island Village, you’ll get to enjoy glamping villas located next to the festival venues. “Zrce Beach is right in front of your doorstep and all clubs are a few steps from your villa.”

8. A crowd from all over the world

Hard Island attracts hard dance lovers from all over the world: from Germans to Americans and from Australians to the Spanish. Of course the Netherlands will be greatly represented as well, so you definitley don’t have to be shy to take a visit too. There will be plenty of party people from your country!

9. Loads and loads of hostings

At Hard Island all of the hostings truly seem to be endingless. Among others, you’ll find Warface’s Live for This, 20 Years of Art of Fighters, D-Block & S-te-Fan’s Music Made Addictz, Unleashed and Dirty Workz. The list goes on and on, so there’s definitely enough of variety to enjoy. For a list of all the hostings, visit the Hard Island website. 

10. Hard Island – The holiday for hard dance lovers

Can’t choose between spending your money on hardstyle festivals, or taking your well deserved break while enjoying a good dose of sunshine? Hard Island offers you the both of best worlds: if you buy a ticket to visit this party island, you won’t have to make this decision at all! “The holiday for hard dance lovers” sounds like a pretty good deal.

Hard Island 2019 will take place from the 7th until the 11th of July at the Zrce Beach in Croatia. More information about the accommodations, the entire line-up and the festival schedule can be found on the official website.

Footage via Facebook-page Hard Island 

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