Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

At the start of this new year, Hard News and are proud to announce the winners of the Hardstyle Awards 2023. You have voted in many numbers, and now the time has come to reveal the results.

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Hard News and worked together again this year for the annual hardstyle election. The audience played an extra important role this year. Unlike last year, where you could vote on a pre-compiled list of artists, songs and labels, this year the voting lists were completely open. Each artist, album and release could be nominated in the corresponding categories, which gave the voters the most influence.

Hard News and compared the votes and data, resulting in the following winners for the 2023 Hardstyle Awards.

The winners of the Hardstyle Awards 2023

Best Artist

Best Track
Aversion – Activation

Best Album
Rebelion – The Second Dose

Best Label
Gearbox Digital

Most Promising Artist
Dual Damage

Best Outdoor Festival

Best Indoor Event

Honorable Mention
DJ The Prophet

“Thank you for voting for the Hardstyle Awards”

Hard News and would like to thank you very much for voting. All these votes are a great gesture to all professionals in the music industry – the Hardstyle Awards are for and by every hardstyle enthusiast. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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  • General Fangirl 03 February 2024 - 04:26

    It’s weird that Activation is considered the hardstyle track of the year of 2023. It had only about 6 million streams and it sounds much more Dutch Gabber EDM than Hardstyle Hard House.

    Push Up from Creeds had about 160 million streams. It’s much more close to the original form of Hardstyle (the beat and the vibe are very similar to the Klubbheads Hardstyle mix of Tha Wild Style by DJ Supreme, released in 1996).


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