Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Dual Damage may have been the most talked about duo in hardstyle last year. The express train in which the duo finds themselves has not reached the last station yet – during the Hardstyle Awards Ceremony, organized by Hard News and, Dual Damage managed to obtain the ‘Most Promising Artist’ by XXL Nutrition award.

With their many kloenks and PVC kicks, the guys of Dual Damage have achieved great success last year. In fact, Thijs and Jesper caused massive population movements at the festivals last summer. Their set at REBiRTH was fully packed, and that was just the beginning.

They now have dozens of bookings, their own label Ravage Records and their own live act. Dual Damage is here to stay, and the audience clearly wants that too. With a convincing majority of the votes in this category, Thijs and Jesper can call themselves the lucky winners of the ‘Most Promising Artist’ by XXL Nutrition.

“We’re going to rock even harder this year!”

Dual Damage is very proud to take the award home. They would like to thank everyone who voted. “We’re going to rock even harder this year,” they say after the Hardstyle Awards. They are keeping it a secret for now what exactly we can expect from the duo in the coming year. What do they want to say? “Music. Lots of music.”

Watch the Hardstyle Awards Ceremony at 21:00

Watch the live registration of the Hardstyle Awards Ceremony tonight, live from the Brabanthallen, to stay informed about all the winners of this year’s Hardstyle Awards.

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