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By Wouter de Vink

Mutilator takes a huge new step in his career and presents his brand new live-act ‘Cage Of Carnage’ at his solo event. In collaboration with REBiRTH Events, this exclusive world premiere will take place in the popular and annually sold-out Poppodium 013 for a new spectacle: “I dare to say that this will be a completely new and distinctive show.”

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The career of Bram Luyten, better known as Mutilator, is going sky high. He has only been active for 6 years now, but has already shined on the biggest mainstages in the scene (including REBiRTH Festival and REBELLiON Indoor) and scored huge hits with records such as ‘Psychedelics’. Now a new chapter is opening for the 24-year-old producer, because he has big plans together with REBiRTH. “I have already achieved a number of great milestones over the past year, but having my own event still feels a bit different,” Mutilator says proudly.

Mutilator displays his excellent form with his distinctive Cage Of Carnage show, around which the entire event (with 2 areas) is built. “I produce the new tracks from the perspective and experience of the visitor,” he says about the new live-act. “The set is divided into different chapters based on ‘phobias’. So think of your ‘worst nightmares’, which I have converted into music. All with the signature Mutilator sound and kicks of course!”

It is a new experience for the visitors, says the Gearbox artist about the event. “The music is accompanied by sick time-coded visuals that take the entire experience to a new level. In other words, the visitors are in the ‘cage of carnage’. In this ‘cage of LED’ they are guided through interactive music and show visuals blown away by hard, cool and crazy shit!” In addition, colleagues (whom he can now call mates) and new names complete the line-up – with several fresh B2Bs and Mutilator appears as host several times. ā€œSo I can’t ask for anything more than that, right?!ā€

Mutilator – Cage of Carnage line-up

Hard Destiny
Mutilator pres. Cage of Carnage
Neon Future
Dual Damage
Dual Damage vs Mutilator
The Straikerz
Fraw vs Mutilator
MC Livid

MC Activate

“Cage Of Carnage will test all your fears through a tormenting audio-visual experience”

Mutilator – Cage Of Carnage will be held during the day on Saturday the 26th of October 2024 in Poppodium 013 Tilburg. Ticket sales start on Tuesday the 16th of July 16 at 19:00: REBiRTH’s previous artist shows in this location sold out in no time, so pre-register now to gain access to tickets 1 hour earlier.

Footage via REBiRTH Festival / EDM Kevin

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