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By Mark de Rond

On the 24th of November Imagination Festival will return once again. We have listed 10 reasons why you should visit Prague and be part of the biggest gathering of harder styles of Central Europe.

1. Loads of international DJ’s

Imagination Festival has proved itsself when it comes to grand line-ups. This year artists such as KELTEK, Zatox, Gunz for Hire, Evil Activities and Sefa can be found at the event, which means you can go wild on all different levels of BPM at the ‘Devestator Stage’. Furthermore, you can enjoy Drum & Bass music at the ‘Imagination Stage’.

2. Biggest harder styles festival of Central Europe

With over 6,000 visitors Imagination Festival represents the biggest harder styles festival of Central Europe. This means many hardstyle-lovers from neighboring countries visit the festival as well, so your group definitely won’t be the only one who’s not from the Czech Republic.

3. Biggest indoor stages of the Czech Republic

Over the years the stage designers for Imagination Festival have surpassed themselves with grand creations. Based on the previous editions of the festival it’s very likely you can feast your eyeballs on some extraordinary designs this year as well.

4. Outdoor chill areas

If you need some fresh air or if you would like to chill with your friends, you can visit the outdoor chill areas. These areas are opened during the entire festival and are the perfect place to grab a bite or to have some drinks. For more on that subject, check out the next two reasons.

5. What do you want to drink…?

The festival houses six bars that all offer a wide choice of drinks. If you had enough beer for that day we’re sure they have something else to offer what you like. Vodka, jager, gin or rum: Imagination Festival seems to have it all.

6. Cheap Czech prices

Imagination Festival offers drinks for ‘normal’ Czech prices. This means you can get a half a liter of beer for less than 2 euros and you can do a shot with your friends for only 3 euros. In this way you can definitely save some money for the trip to Prague.

7. First time Gunz for Hire in Prague

For the very first time this gangster duo will perform in the Czech Republic. Be prepared for a rough set straight from the underground by Adaro and Ran-D as they perform as Gunz for Hire. This famous act visited a lot of other countries before such as Chili, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Now the gangsters are aiming for the Czech Republic.

Gunz for Hire Imagination Festival

8. A trip to Prague

If you want to attend Imagination Festival, you can make a full trip out of it and visit the city Prague itself. Prague has a lot to offer and is a real tourist-hotspot. The city is even said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe, so why not go and check it out for yourself?

9. Easy accessible through public transport

The festival site is easy to reach with public transport: you can take line “C” (red colour) to “Letnany” which will take you there in one go. The bus station and the central train station both lie on the same route.

10. Most devoted crowd of Central Europe

Every year the most dedicated hardstyle fans of Central Europe gather in Prague. The atmosphere that prevails in the crowd is brilliant and definitely is one to go experience for yourself. Furthermore you get to celebrate your vacation with the best of the harder styles music, which seems to be a perfect combination.

In short, the 24th of November the biggest harderstyles festival of Central Europe will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. With over 6,000 visitors this is a festival you don’t want to miss out on. For more info check the website of Imaginiation Festival.

Pictures by Facebook-page Imagination Festival and Gunz for Hire

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