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By Wouter de Vink

After a intense campaign with several video’s – which were not only impressive but also quite terrifying – Shockerz revealed its theme and full line-up for the upcoming edition. ‘Subject Hostile‘ takes its visitors to the grand finale, where all the artists have to compete for their freedom.

Saturday 15 December has been set as the day when it’s all going down and the Autotron will the location where it’s going to happen. Like the organisation says, it will be ‘The Ultimate RAW Experience’. That’s why we’ve added quite a few reasons why you definitely should visit this edition of Shockerz.

1. Exclusive and special live-acts

The artists will hit us with all they’ve got during Subject Hostile. With 18 exclusive live performances, like D-Sturb ‘Level 2: The Beginning’, Delete VIP, Frequencerz ‘Stealth Mode’, Phuture Noize ‘Black Mirror Society’, Warface & Deadly Guns LIVE and many others, you can prepare for one major show down.

2. 40+ artists in two fully fledged areas

Over 40 of the biggest artists in our scene will be battle for victory on the 15th of December. These competitors are divided over two different area’s, namely The Hostile and The Opposed. The titans of RAW will enter the mainstage in Area 01 and the line-up in Area 02 is quite diverse to say the least: the artists are representing at least 12 different labels in the business!

3. One of the biggest events in raw hardstyle

The last couple of years, Shockerz has grown to a massive event of big proportions. With thousands of visitors, it’s safe to say that Shockerz has fought itself into the top of the raw. The greatness of the venue automatically delivers a gigantic stage, more show & lights elements and the feeling that you belong to a immense group of raw fanatics.

4. For the 1st time ever: Warface & Deadly Guns LIVE

Warface is one of the biggest names in raw hardstyle, but is also known for his productions outside the genre too. Like his two collaborations with Deadly Guns, which made them decide to combine forces for an exclusive live-act! This act will perform for the very first, but probably also for the very last, time during Shockerz 2018. History is in the making!

5. D-Sturb LEVEL 2: ‘The Beginning’

D-Sturb presented quite recently his brand new live-act during Supremacy. His act, which contains 6 different levels, is completely different in every performance with an whole other challenge that the DJ has to complete. This is how D-Sturb, who’s been picked as favorite artist by many fans, makes every performance unique and not to be missed!

6. Sold out 3x in a row

The last couple of years, it has been obviously clear that tickets for Shockerz are highly wanted. It made the organisation decide to move to the bigger venue Autotron last year, but even then all tickets were sold out long before the event even started. Consider yourself warned and don’t wait too long if you want to witness one of the largest gatherings in raw hardstyle. Tickets are available though the official website of the event.

7. No need to pay a fortune

Although Shockerz moved to the Autotron in Rosmalen, it didn’t lead to a higher price of the entrance tickets – which made a lot of people happy of course. A ticket for Shockerz 2018 costs only €39,50 and gives you a gigantic party with 40 artists in 2 different areas, from 13:30 until 01:00.

8. Convenient times to party

Because this is a big plus for Shockerz as well. Together with other organisations, they started a trend to replace the night by day. The event will take place from 13:30 until 01:00, which means that you don’t have to wait all day to get the party started and also assures you that you get home at (quite) reasonable times, so your Sunday won’t go to waste. Awesome.

9. The Rise of Rejecta

If there’s one artists out there who conquered the scene by storm, then it’s definitely Rejecta. Not even one year ago, his tracks got played for the very first time in a sold out GelreDome and now there are many releases behind his name which made a big impression in the scene. That’s the reason why he will do a live-set for the very first time, as Rejecta LIVE.

10. Huge venue upgrades!

Last year was the debut of Shockerz in the Autotron, a venue that didn’t had a single event for the last 10 years. During this first time, it became clear that there were several issues regarding the heat, lines and sound system. It causes not only dissatisfaction among the visitors, but also for the organisation. “If you work so hard for so long, you obviously expect the best result.”

But now all the possible improvements have been made during the preparations. A powerful team of experienced sound engineers were brought in to take care of a top notch sound in both areas. There will also be a brand new ventilation system installed to take assure comfortable temperatures – no matter what – in both the areas and also the foyer. Besides that, the control in crowd management has been improved, which leads to getting you faster to the event and getting you home sooner. Last but not least, the show and stage design will get a lot of upgrades. Shockerz is going to be next level!

11. Always go harder

There’s no doubt that uptempo and raw hardstyle have quite a few resemblances – like drumming in the air on impressive kick rolls like a mad man. To release the last bit of energy out of your system, Shockerz has assembled Warface & Deadly Guns LIVE and Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz to close off both area’s in the hardest way possible. Prepare yourself for extreme high BPM!

“Let the games begin!”

Shockerz 2018 – Subject Hostile will take place on 15 December 2018 from 13:30 until 01:00 in the Autrotron in Rosmalen. Tickets are available via the official website of Shockerz.

Act of Rage | B-Front | D-Sturb ‘Level 2: The Beginning’ | Delete VIP | Digital Punk ‘Fragments Showcase’ | E-Force | Frequencerz ‘Stealth Mode’ | Malice | MYST | Phuture Noize ‘Black Mirror Society’ | Radical Redemption | Rebelion LIVE | Regain ‘Out of Bounds LIVE’ | Rejecta LIVE | RVAGE | Sub Zero Project ‘THE XPRMT’ | Warface & Deadly Guns LIVE | MC Nolz | MC Livid

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Footage taken from Facebook page Shockerz 

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