Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Cavin Klop has been visiting events on a regular basis for over a decade. About three years ago he met Anne Scherff, through mutual friends that would also visit these parties. They have been best mates ever since and visited tons of parties together.

Unfortunately Anne decided to stop his frequent party trips last year. All of a sudden Cavin had to go without him. It just wasn’t the same. Things like this happen, but Cavin didn’t take no for an answer. “If Anne doesn’t want to come with me, I’ll make sure he has been there one way or the other!” So he started searching online and found a cardboard cut-out. He bought it, picked it up, stuck a picture of his best mate on it and voila. He then took his best cut-out-mate with him to a party last Kingsday, which lead to hilarious pictures.

1. Anne is ready to go
anne cut-out 3
2. Even cut-out people can’t avoid being searched at the entrance
anne cut-out 43. His looks were a total chick magnet
Naamloos-14. And again..
anne cut-out25. A nice game of shuffleboard in between partying
anne cut-out 56. Anne spots his ‘biggest’ mate
anne cut-out 87. Sit down and rest for a bit man
anne cut-out 98. Even Zany wanted to show us his ‘Anne’ face
anne cut-out 69. Celebrating the Dutch King’s birthday in style
anne cut-out 1010. Anne wants to thank everyone for a wonderful day. See you next time!

anne cut-out1

His friends even made a Facebook page about it, which contains even more pictures: Koningannedag


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