• Name Jared Wollschläger & Robert van Eenennaam
  • Country Germany, The Netherlands
  • Birthday June 25th &
  • Label DWX Anarchy
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We didn’t know about madness. Grown in the peaceful quiet of a little village in the hills, the only pictures we knew were the ones of the rising and sinking sun and of the silent flicker of a fire in the fireplace. The only sound was the tickle of the wind in the trees, the sough of the river going for the valley, and sometimes the tones of a lute or a whistle.

It felt like home, but we were craving for more, for adventures that would take us into far distance and to unknown places. If we would have known, what was going to happen, I think we would’ve stayed home but who lost his virginity, will never find it back.

Madness is the loss of this virginity. It was brought to us at a place of sins, in a man, who used to decorate himself with his madness. Not for nothing was his name Amentis, the insane.

Far above he gained his power. We could only look up to him from below, but what he was doing was enough to drive us into madness. The lights were flickering, whilst the quake from the earth moved into the room and let the air vibrate. A few minutes were enough to destroy the basis of years of lovingly upbringing. Things have changed since then.

We’re not driven home or into new adventures. We demand for more of this madness. And we know, he can give it to us. We want to be part of his asylum.

That’s why we follow him – Amentis, as if he was a saint.

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