• Name Pim Latour
  • Country Nederland, The Netherlands
  • Birthday February 12
  • Label Fusion Records
  • Bookings Supreme Agency
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When Avana was exposed to the power of Hardstyle, his life changed. In fact, the impact that Hardstyle had on the young man’s life was phenomenal. Avana‚Äôs state of mind and imagination had relocated from heavenly euphoria, to the darkest realms of the universe. The inner wild child disguised by his calm demeanour was finally awakened.

This drastic transformation produced a powerful burst of energy, seamlessly captured in every track Avana made. It shook the world of Hardstyle by surprise. Avana gathered support from artists such as The Pitcher, The Vision, Thyron, Exit Mind and MC Villain. Finally, Avana was signed to Fusion Records.

Avana might seem calm as the night sky in the studio and behind the stage, but do not be deceived. Upon hearing his name being called on stage, he will rise like the sun and bring raging fire to the dance floor.