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In 2012 a new artist came to life. His name? Cellrock

The passionate musician born in close range to Düsseldorf Germany, has always been in touch with electronic music since he was 11years old. In spite of all trends going towards to Rock and Hiphop, the common music back when he was younger, his heart was set between 140-160 beats per minute already. The basic idea behind his music is clear and sharp: Bring the bassline back!

After hiding in the studio for many years the songwriter now stands up and reveals himself. With the occuring of many look-a-like sounds he kicked off with his first release on the 25th of July 2012 on the famous label „Theracords“ called „Summer Is Calling/The Bassline“ and immediately was able to find alot of acception amongst many Artists and Producers.

Due a phase when Hardstyle seems to lose one of their main strengths, its’ groove and dynamic, Cellrock is here to rock the Dancefloors with an extremely energetic and flowing sound!