Digital Punk

  • Name René de Bruijn
  • Country Nederland, The Netherlands
  • Birthday September 17th
  • Alias(es) Public Enemies
  • Label A² Records
  • Bookings Make You Dance
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As a producer he is the mastermind behind a big bevy of tracks like Firestorm, Oblivion, The Revelation, Rebel to the grave with Ran-D, Natural born killers with Adaro, We still don’t give a F_ck with Frequencerz and many many more. On top of this he already released his own album ‘Escape from Reality’ in 2011. As icing on his very successful cake, he created one of the most popular hardstyle podcasts ever. With Unleashed he instantly hit nr. 1 in the iTunes-charts and made people hungry for more over and over again. To celebrate this on-going success he even got his own ‘Unleashed’ shows in clubs and festivals.

Based upon his story we can all conclude that Digital Punk is a hard working artist. With his dedication and musical wizard skills he is ready to become an ever bigger (raw) hardstyle force than he is right now! We can be sure we are not even close by his peak, there is a lot more to come!