• Name Joe Malfitana & Alex
  • Country Australia
  • Label DWX Anarchy
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These are the DJ’s that live and breathe every aspect of Hardstyle, they live for it and they will no doubt die for it. It is evident when they perform that this is who they are, this is what they do. And in every action they deliver an unstoppable show!

Fanatics as mentioned previously hold a tight relationship with their fan base, They believe they we are all lovers of music and we are all fanatics at heart. Regularly their fans can be seen wearing their distinct Fanatics T-shirts, singlets and shorts to events to show their support, and their army is growing each day!

As Fantics look to the future, they do so with big plans in the works and greater achievements on the horizon. As their unique sound spreads expect to see the Fanatics on bigger stages and in more places as their future unfolds! Look out for more releases from this unstoppable Australian Hardstyle act!