Intractable One

  • Name Coen Oudejans
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Birthday November 20
  • Alias(es) AVIO
  • Label AVIO
  • Bookings Limitless Agency
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Dive into the world of the Intractable One sound, and you will find there’s more to it than what meets the eye. He doesn’t abuse his musical power to destroy the world, but he wants to overwhelm the world with love, freedom and energy.

One gaze at Intractable One’s past performances should tell you there’s something special about him. Euphoria, Ground Zero and Defqon have already experienced the Intractable One sound. As a part of the live act together with Alphaverb, he has played on even bigger events. Emporium, Rebirth, Last World, Dreamfields, WiSH Outdoor, Decibel, Beat The Bridge, The Qontinent: you name it, he has been there. Haven’t witnessed his skills on stage yet? If you’re into energetic and euphoric hardstyle, with a touch of clicks and beeps, you absolutely should.