Star Driver

  • Name Florian Billan
  • Country Austria
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Star Driver (aka Florian Billan) is an Austrian Hardstyle producer living in Vienna.
Also known as Nightforce, Florian produces UK and Freeform Hardcore with numerous releases on a variety of labels.

Electronic music caught the attention of Florian at a very young age, becoming immediately hooked on Euro Dance and Hard Trance. As his interest in electronic music grew, so did his curiosity for the harder styles; which led him to Hardstyle. Using his brother’s turntables, Florian learned the ins and outs of Hardstyle music; sparking the idea of producing his own songs at the age of 15.

Starting with Gabber Hardcore, Florian quickly worked his way through Freeform and Trance until the melodies and creativity of Hardstyle caught his interest. He decided he would start a Hardstyle track, using his experience with other genre’s to influence his work.

Producing Hardstyle has grown from a hobby into a passion and lifestyle for Florian. His unique sounds and hard-hitting bass will keep you listening for hours.

Florian’s melancholic and emotional style incorporates genre’s he has previously worked with into his newer releases. His intense, heart-dropping vocals will keep you coming back for more.