Zero Sanity

  • Name Steven Hills
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Birthday January 1
  • Label None
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Zero Sanity, the alias of Steven Hills, has been infected by the virus of the harder styles since 2002. After visiting various events Steven started to buy his own turntable set as an admirer of the harder styled music in 2003. This new occupation started to evolve quickly as a second lifestyle. On a long-term it became part of his everyday life. It took part of his life so intense, that Steven wanted to perform his mixing skills for various crowds. He started in participating at various DJ contests and tried to perform at small events in the neighborhood. Some good bookings were the result, but it wasn’t enough for Steven.

Zero Sanity played not only at various events in the Netherlands, such as in 2009 during Qlimax in the VIP-area, but performed during some abroad gigs as well. For instance, he already played in countries such as Poland, England, Denmark and Hungary.

For the future, you can expect Zero Sanity to bring you more pounding tracks to show himself as a worthy member of the new collective of hardstyle artists.