Peter de Valck
By Peter de Valck

None other than the illustrious duo Bioweapon has created the Emporium 2016 anthem. Hard With Style has put the anthem of Emporium Brasil, which takes place at the 28th of May, online in their podcast. Enjoy!

In 2011 the duo, consisting of Audiofreq and Code Black, decided to split up to focus on their solo careers. Bass Events NYE 2011 was their last booking ever… On Friday the 26th and 27th of December 2014 these gentlemen miraculously came together again on the two special editions of the Tijdmachine (Time Machine).

To crown it all, in 2015 they posted a video on the Bioweapon Facebookpage, which was exactly four years after their last post. The video was rather mysterious, but the heartrate of many fans started rising fast, which made Bioweapon trending that day. It didn’t take before both Audiofreq and Code Black admitted to be working together in the studio again to create new Bioweapon material.

With ‘Reload The Weapon’, ‘Make A Move’ and ofcourse the Emporium 2016 anthem these Aussies are all the way back!

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