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By Hard News

when 2014 started Da Tweekaz launched their new concept ‘Tweekay14’. The idea of the concept was to release a new track each month for an entire year. During Tweekay14 they also released their very own videogame! It was the first time that a hardstyle artist did something like that (besides Noisecontrollers who had their own helicopter in a game).

But now they’re back with Tweekay16 and a new game as well. “Twerkout Revolution”, as the game and new track are called, are derived from the classic game ‘Dance Dance Revolution’. The game challenges players to press certain buttons on the beat.

The new track is used in the game and free to download. “Twerkout Revolution” is the only track in-game at the moment, but Da Tweekaz will add more tracks if the game turns out to be a success.

Download the game, for Mac and PC, here: Dropbox.com

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