Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Decibel outdoor is one of the most popular harder styles events in the world, and has been organised every year ever since 2002. Also Decibel 2020 once again promises to be a grand spectacle, during which the Beekse Bergen will be transformed into the Loudest City on Earth.

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Tens of thousands of visitors come to Decibel outdoor at the Beekse Bergen – the most beautiful party location in The Netherlands – every year. Harder styles enthusiasts are always talking about the amazing atmosphere at the campsite of the event, which is very unique since it’s in the middle of the woods with loads of activities to participate in. On top of all that, the grounds of Decibel 2019 were opened for 3 full days for the very first time, and we’ll be able to enjoy this in 2020 once again.

So, it’s safe to say there is more than enough hardstyle, rawstyle, hardcore and loads of other harder styles to enjoy during Decibel outdoor. Soon you’ll find all of the artists that will be performing these 3 days divided over several stages in this article.

Even though each edition of Decibel outdoor has been a unique experience, there is a common thread throughout the years which always relates to Decibel as the ‘Ultimate Festival Destination’. “We have the sickest festival campsite in the Netherlands (maybe even Europe?), which is still one of our USPs. Over the last couple of years we have broadened the experience, and we created a subtitle to strengthen this even more. Decibel is a no-nonsense festival, meaning the music and the visitor’s experience are always the most important to us”, B2S already told us in an earlier interview. 

“An entire new experience, with more acts and stages than any other harder styles festival. Add a lot of great activities, shows and entertainment and you’re ready to LIVE LOUD! The festival campsite is and will always be number 1, with loads of craziness and unexpected parties”

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Get ready for Decibel outdoor 2020 – the Loudest City on Earth!

Decibel outdoor 2020 will take place on Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of August on the grounds of the Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. Tickets are already available via the official website of the event, on which you’ll also find more info about the upcoming edition.

Have a look at the Hard News TV episode of the 2019 edition ‘LIVE LOUD’ down below, in which we among other things visited the legendary campsite, did interviews with Atmozfears, Deetox & many visitors and gave you a taste of the grand Decibel show spectacle.

Footage via official website B2S

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