Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

A few days ago Destructive Tendencies announced that on the 21st of October their debute album Slaves To The Darkness will be released. The album contains two collabs with hardstyle artist and that’s quite a surprise. Normally it’s the other way around where a hardstyle artist asks for a collab with a hardcore artist.

Warface and Radical Redemption are the two chosen ones that have been working with Destructive Tendencies. So, which tracks are we talking about?

‘Bring Us Some’
The collaboration with Destructive Tendencies have been good for Radical. The collab ‘Bring Us Some’ has been ranked in the hardcore top 100 of 2015 at #34. Radical is a fan of hardcore, which shows because he has seven collabs that have been ranked in the hardcore top 100. You can find ‘Bring Us Some’ on his album The One Man Army.

Release The Kraken

If you’ve seen Warface a lot during the festival season then you know he likes to end his set with some hardboiled hardcore. The collaboration between Destructive Tendencies gave them the track ‘Release The Kraken’ and will also appear on the new album.


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