Maartje Hagenbeek
By Maartje Hagenbeek

After setting up his brand new sub-label Theracords LABS, DJ Thera did not sit still for a second. He immediately went back to the studio to produce a brand new collab. He is producing this track with  The Purge. The Theracords and Spoontech DJ’s already announced the titel of their track: ‘Survive’.

Both DJ’s shared this news with their fans on their Instagram stories. The Purge also told his fans when they can listen to this fresh collab. “This collab with Thera is a pure bomb. So be ready, because this festival season you will hear it many, many times.”

‘Survive’ is the titel of new track by DJ Thera and The Purge

This brand new collaboration will be played at several festivals this summer. DJ The Purge told us when the fans can hear this track for the first time: “The collab will premier this weekend at REBiRTH on his set.” So if you are wondering what ‘Survive’ will sound like, you can’t miss the set of The Opposition this weekend.

Source picture Facebook DJ The Purge and Facebook DJ Thera

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